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Managing the whole employee
Written by Dr. Marty Martin, Psy.D.
Aug. 14, 2013 — The term “human resources management” is essential in business. But have you noticed that the majority of the literature about the topic focuses on the “resources” and the “management” aspects but barely addresses the “human” element? As a result, most managers see their employees as resources to be managed, and not as a whole person that can contribute so much more.
Marc's monthly tips: five forgotten sales tools
Written by Marc Gordon
Aug. 1, 2013 — With the popularity of social media, many business owners have come to believe the ability to generate sales depends on their tweets, Facebook posts and blog updates. However, most small businesses will tell you that social media has not delivered the results they hoped for.
Four ways to counter the cost of disaster
Written by Lucien Canton
July 23, 2013 — Why do so many businesses fail after disaster? The answer often lies in a failure to understand the true costs of the disaster.
Marc's monthly tips: Five things to never say to a customer
Written by Marc Gordon
July 3, 2013 — No matter how great you treat your customers, at some point one of them is going to find fault. And when they express their displeasure, the response they get will be the true test of your company's customer service policies.
How to handle embezzlement in the family business
Written by Lois Lang, Psy.D.
June 7, 2013 — Hearing about embezzlement in a public company rarely shocks anyone, but when it happens in a family business, people are often stunned. “How could he steal from his own family?” “Doesn’t she know she’s hurting her siblings/cousins/parents?”  | READ MORE
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