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By Design: June-July 2012

Balance of Life

Written by Connie van Reenen,
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Connie van Reenen, owner of Signature Floral Gallery in Winnipeg, has been designing for the past 12 years. She began her professional career in the microcomputer industry as a programmer, purchasing manager, corporate account manager and education manager. After becoming a parent, she took a 180 degree turn to the floral Industry, where creativity flourishes and enlivens the senses.

Connie is inspired by the balance and harmony of nature. In creating designs for occasions and individuals, she refers to herself as the conduit. The flowers are the medium and they need to speak of the person and circumstance they are being designed for. Funeral designs should reflect the personality and spirit of the life being honoured. Her style is to take the beauty of nature, woven with imagination and the unexpected, and transform it into living art.

Balance of Life
This sympathy tribute reflects the fine balance of life in our fragile world. Life emerges and flows from the heart of the design with a delicate balance. A complementary colour scheme encapsulates the message, while boulders create visual weight and contrast. The design features green grass, leucadendron, dendrobium orchids, freedom roses and berzellia.
Tablescape Design
Inspired by the beauty of travertine stone and the elegance of the pewter urn, this design rises from the stone and evokes a gracefulness that gently frames the urn. A permanent grapevine base holds the delicate plumosus, callas and lily grass. Succulents and cymbidium orchids add an element of the unexpected, while permanent moss stones mirror the foliage.
Echoes of Stained Glass
This design, a re-creation from a recent funeral, featured the deceased’s favourite flowers and was placed on a column. It echoed the stunning stained glass window that soared to the ceiling beside the design. Ginger creates a strong vertical line and Strelitzia reginae frame the design while flax creates movement. Cymbidium orchids are suspended on a wire mesh structure. Pink mink protea, green trick dianthus, jackpot eryngium, fishtail palm and aralia are also featured.
Casket Spray
A casket spray should stir the soul and flow with respectfulness of life. The sago palm exudes rhythm and dynamic energy while fashioning a dramatic and rich backdrop for soothing monochromatic florals. Potted succulents are incorporated into the groupings of green tea roses, leucadendron, cymbidium orchids and berzellia. 

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