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Date set for FTD Good Neighbor Day
Written by Canadian Florist
Aug. 10, 2012, Downers Grove, IL — FTD has announced the date for its 18th annual FTD Good Neighbor Day event.

On FTD Good Neighbor Day, scheduled for Sept. 5, florists give every customer a free bouquet of a dozen flowers and ask them to keep one stem for themselves and give the other 11 away to 11 different individuals. The goal is for FTD florists to spread goodwill throughout their communities and help brighten local residents’ days with flowers.

The event is meant to help florists host a low-cost, high-impact event that will drive new customers into their shops year-round. FTD has developed a marketing kit that provides simple step-by-step instructions and tips to get the word out about the event.
FTD florists across the U.S. and Canada are encouraged to start planning their local events now by securing sponsors and developing philanthropic relationships.  These partnerships with community organizations can help increase the exposure and positive impact from the event, as well as off-set the cost and labor efforts.  Goodwill efforts such as blood drives and food or clothing collections are commonly held in conjunction with FTD Good Neighbor Day.
“I think FTD Good Neighbor Day is a great idea. It’s a good promotional way to drive people into our shop, and also to spread cheer. I love to make smiles,” said FTD florist Frank Hadja, owner of Woods Flowers in Temple, Tex. “We benefitted greatly from this fun event. Seeing people smile makes being in the business all worthwhile. If you increase goodwill, it comes back to you. We increased foot traffic in 2011 – a good 15 to 20 per cent - which led to future orders.”
FTD members who are interested in participating in FTD Good Neighbor Day can receive their free marketing kit online at FTDi.com. The marketing kit provides members with event instructions, marketing materials and templates for media outreach, advertising and public relations efforts. Templates are easy to use and available in Microsoft Word so that members can download, personalize, print and start their outreach.
To register your participation in FTD Good Neighbor Day and sign up for a free listing as a participating florist on FTD.com.
FTD Good Neighbor Day was started in 1994 by the late Brook Jacobs, owner of Greenbrook Flowers in Jackson, Miss.  The idea behind the holiday is for florists to give away a bouquet of flowers to people in their community encouraging each recipient to keep one for them and hand the others away to make new friends and share kindness to strangers.  The goal of the holiday outreach is simply that, to spread goodwill to neighbors and make new friends through the exchange of flowers.