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Sue Fredericks From the Publisher: Log On

Almost a year ago I announced the launch of our new and improved website.

Written by Sue Fredericks
Almost a year ago I announced the launch of our new and improved website. Beyond telling you to log on and take a look at it, I didn’t tell you much. As this is our technology issue, I need to tell you more.

The Internet has changed the way we do business, and will continue to do so with each reiteration. The best minds in the world are adding new tools to the digital world every day. Although I swore it would never happen, I now read my news online instead of in a newspaper. And we used to own newspapers.

The Canadian Florist online publishing site, is a feature-rich site with a digital copy of our printed magazine and so much more. When you go to www.canadianfloristmag.com, you will find our current issue, your favourite suppliers, exclusive web stories, original floral designs, archives of our past issues and the opportunity to sign up for our free e-newsletter. The only thing missing is you.

Many of us are loathe to register on websites for fear of having a blast of unsolicited junk mail, or because we are waiting for the catch – how much will it cost? The answer is, nothing. We need your e-mail address to verify that you are a member of the Canadian floral industry, and to contact you when we do surveys, look for shops to profile and designers to feature.

Why should you register? Because the site gets better when there are more users. Amanda’s blog becomes more meaningful when it’s filled with commentary and opinions from florists in the trenches and on the benches. Tell us what your challenges are and share your success stories. The design gallery can showcase many more talented Canadian designers than we could fit in our printed magazine in the next 10 years. The work here can inspire you when you are looking for a fresh perspective, or just allow you to boast a little when you’ve created something special. Heck, you can even call your mom and tell her to go to the site to see your work!

One of my favourite features on the site is the digital copy of the magazine, which comes complete with turning pages. I work in two different offices and may be guilty of not being completely organized in either location. With the digital archives I can go online from wherever I am and find back issues to reread stories or check my facts. This is a great resource.

Another great feature you can choose to sign up for is our bi-weekly e-newsletter, which gives you an opportunity to catch up on news that doesn’t make the magazine due to its timely nature or sheer lack of space. You may also find new product announcements and news of industry events. It’s a nice reminder that we are all in this business together.

The most important reason you should register on the Canadian Florist website, is that we need your e-mail address. The most fearful two words in a trade publisher’s world are: postal strike. Without mail delivery, we can’t get your printed copy of the magazine to you. But if you register on the website, or just send me your e-mail address, through rain, sleet or a postal strike, we can guarantee the delivery of the digital magazine, and even save a tree or two.
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