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Meet the Modern Canadian Teenager

It's prom season - and we're getting you ready

This edition of Canadian Florist is designed to inspire and push you to new levels of Prom marketing success. From a look inside the mind of the consumer, to some actionable prom marketing tips, to specialized care instructions, we have you covered end to end. As a bonus, Canadian Florist also hosted an in-depth Prom Marketing Bootcamp webinar. Dig in and enjoy the first edition of Canadian Florist brought to you by Strider Media.

What Makes Teens Tick
What makes teens tick

Today's Millenial is a different breed

10 Prom-otional Ideas
10 Prom-otional ideas

Practical ideas to connect with teens and encourage them to buy - and buy more!

Pin your efforts on Pinterest
Pin your efforts on pinterest

Learn how to leverage Pinterest as a valuable and effective marketing tool

Prom Marketing Bootcamp

Our 90 minute webinar packed with useful and actionable pieces of advice for growing your Prom business.

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